What's the latest juice on all your favorite verbs? You won't believe what these verbs have been seen doing lately! All eyes are on them for their recent actions and many are wondering what they'll pull off next. In this new edition of Celeb Verbs, we're going to catch up with decir (to say), tener (to have), pensar (to think), and querer (to want). Stay tuned for the latest and juiciest there is to know!


Not one to shy away from bluntness, "decir" can be spotted a million miles away always yapping on and giving its two cents on all the latest talks worth having. Perhaps no verb adored as much by the media, "decir" will find its way into your sentences, because it's simply bigger than life!

1) to tell
2)to say
3)to speak
4)to mean
"I tell / I say""You tell / say"
"Yo digo""Usted diga"
"I told / said""You told / said"
"Yo dije""Usted dijo"
"I will say/tell""You will tell/say"
"Yo diré""Usted dirá"
Other expressions with decir
"That's to say""It's just a phrase"
"Es decir""Es un decir"


Definitely the A-lister if ever there were one, tener manages to be seen all over the place. A verb with connection unparalleled, he's even so hardcore that he can even act like his friends "estar" and "ser" when they don't feel like doing much! Talk about a larger-than-life verb! If you're walking down the street, don't be surprised when you run into tener! Everyone knows about it!

1) to have
2)to be (some senses)
"I have/I am""You have/are"
Yo tengoUsted tiene
"I had/was""You had/were"
Yo tuveUsted tuvo
"I will have/be""You will have/be"
Yo tendréUsted tendrá
Other expressions with tener
"I'm 26 years old""I'm cold!"
(Yo) tengo veinteseis años(Yo) tengo frio
"I have to do this""You're right"
(Yo) tengo que hacer estoUsted tiene razón


Known to ride around town and seemingly always at odds with "decir", pensar is the "thinker" of the celeb bunch and always gives its opinion no matter what the occasion. A bit reserved but never silent at the crucial moment, you'll see this one from time to time

1) to think
"I think (that)""You think (that)"
"Yo pienso (que)""Usted piensa (que)"
"I thought""You thought"
"Yo pensé""Usted pensó"
"I will think""You will think"
"Yo pensaré""Usted pensará"
Other expressions with llevar
"I think about you a lot""I'll think about it"
"Yo pienso en ti mucho""Lo pensaré"


Querer is one of the most wanted verbs there is, seemingly always leaving everyone wanting more. This isn't one to hold back its thoughts, that's for sure! Whether love, life, or something bigger, this verbs is always seen wanting more! Truly anothre larger-than-life character!

1) to want
2)to love
"I want""You want"
"Yo quiero""Usted quiere"
"I wanted""You wanted"
"Yo quise""Usted quiso"
"I will want""You will want"
"Yo querré""Usted querrá"
Other expressions with sacar
"I love you""unintentionally"
"Yo te quiero""sin querer"

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