We have moved our more guided and "in-depth" lessons to our new IGP. This is a Moodle-based platform that we are using to better serve the needs of individual learners at their own pace. Access to the IGP is included as part of beta testing agreements for current testers of SHMITC.

IGP? What is It? Why Do I Need An Account?

IGP is a Moodle-based sort of website that allows you to take in We Get Languages lessons and advice in an online-class type environment. Rather than have the lessons clobbered around the site and at different levels, it made sense to break them down into different skill levels and have them in one easy-to-use and well-organized portal. In this case, this meant that we had to move from "free access", where anyone could grab anything with disorganized links, to a slighty more annoying account-level access method, where we simply have to initialize an account for you in order to access IGP in order to access the lessons. This trade-off will result in a better experience for you, and we believe it's worth it.

Why did lessons get moved here?

First and foremost, we think you'll find the Moodle platform easy to use. The Moodle platform better allows us to organize information. When a concept needs to be explained in-depth, you can access an easy-to-read article free of distractions. When we have files to share, they're right there with the lesson when you need them. When you've really gotten the hang of something, you can move on to other topics. Furthermore, as we work out the data distribution, you'll be able to receive feedback from us and have an objective way to keep track of your progress! By tying an account to the lessons, you only stand to benefit, we promise.

How does this work with Project SHMITC

Our current software system, Project SHMITC, is a basic simulated native environment (SNE) tool, available by request from the Tools & Apps section. In the game, you may ofter find that you're running into things you don't understand. SHMITC users enrolled in beta testing are automatically enrolled into appropriate IGP companion courses that can be accessed and read over to achieve success in the game. It's like having the strategy guide to go with the game. We believe that the IGP portal in combination with SHMITC works wonderfully together to both learn new things and retain what you already know!

Are these lessons free?

At We Get Languages, we sincerely believe that the ability to start and learn a basic level of language should be offered freely, especially in the United States. Without getting into the politics too much, we believe that everyone in our country who wants to learn a second language should have access to resources to do so, regardless of income or ability to pay. We also believe that bilingual and trilingual citizens serve as a valuable tool to help teach the English language and American spirit to immigrants willing to come to our shores, so that they may integrate into society. Our site is a direct response, in our own way, of the shortcomings of the current educational climate in the United States with regards to teaching foreign languages. We sincerely believe that in the 21st century in a globalized world, the ability to communicate in another language is going to become more important. In view of all of this, we offer our "Student"-level accounts free of charge to anyone willing to learn. These accounts will immerse you enough in the language to become comfortable speaking it.

However, we also have bills to pay, so we are working on "Professional"-level courses that have a one-time only access fee at an affordable rate. These accounts will be more individualized to your specific goals, and offer, we feel, a more professional level of, comparable to taking language classes at a local educational instituion.

What about privacy?

Privacy is a big issue in this day and age. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with a large online presence. We will make every effort over the development of our site and IGP tool to maximize your privacy. IGP accounts may use an alias for a name, do not require any photos or personal information aside from an e-mail address to associate with the account, and can be made as private as possible with the software. Your interaction with other learners can be as public or private as you wish. We believe a site should work for a user, not the other way around. As a hobby site, and not greedy commercialized site, our site will never display ads, nor sell your personal information. We take your trust very seriously, and we aren't in this for the money. However, there is one exception to this: we cooperate fully with any law enforcement or legal entity which may need our assistance, which won't be a problem so long as you're not up to illegal shenanigans. We're truly in it because we love learning and teaching languages, and because we get languages!

Can I sign up?

At the moment, we are recruiting a small team of testers who are willing to help us with feedback as we get the new system going in place. Also, we currently must process accounts manually. This will likely be tweaked in the future, but for right now, if you would be interested in a Student account, please e-mail Aaron (aaron@wegetlanguages.com) explaining a bit about your current level, your goals, and how much experience you have with whichever language(s) you want to "get".