In this new section, we'll examine more in-depth an area in the study of languages called "second language acquisition", which is a fancy way to say "how to learn a new language". This section will cover the team's own experiences, a bit of basic brain science and neurology, and discuss larger ideas about the process in general. After reading this page, you should have new ideas about how to study language. Additionally, this section will also cover career/professional ramification to language abilities, and help you think a bit more about what and how to study.

Level Up!

What works (and what doesn't?)

Our Experiences
Trial and Error: Methodolgy Experiments
Coming Soon: Video Games and Learning Languages

Know Thy Brain

Neuroscience? In MY Studies?
Your Brain and Language Capacity

Language and Careers

Where Foreign Language Skills Shine In the United States
Coming Soon: Should I Major in Foreign Languages?
Mid-April: The Reality of Working Abroad

Inspiration Corner

Pulling Up Bad Grades
Last-Minute Save-Your-Butt Tricks
Spanish Tests Aren't Everything
Job Failure and Poor Reviews